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Encounter 2: D-d-d-d-d-d-DRAGON!!!!!

The heroes bravely faced a young white dragon with blue arcane spellscars traversing its body. The plaguechanged beast was formidable, and not all the heroes were victorious. The mysterious Lost Heir generously allowed the party to help him defeat the rampaging monster and gave them all amethyst badges of honor in thanks.

Rewards: 200 XP and an amethyst badge (value: 50 gp or a healing potion).

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Driven to her knees with pain, Naya watched the dragon stagger back. Him or me, she thought, knowing it was not so simple— she was dying, and even a tap from the beast would do her in.

“Where do you want him?” she yelled.

“Get him away from me!” the archer yelled back. Naya sighed and crawled, away. Away from her allies. Away from help.

All my secrets will be undone, she thought, trailing blood behind her. She took a deep breath, the pain of her spellscar still throbbing in her chest. She raised herself to her knees. She would die, but she would die like the eladrin hero she pretended to be. With a blade in her hand and a curse on her lips.

“Get over here, you sonofabitch!” she screamed from the ground. Blue lightning leapt from her blade, wreathing the dragon and yanking it towards her. One step, two— the archer was clear! Naya sighed. Death would be here soon.

The archer’s bow twanged, but Naya heard the arrow whip past— damn! All for nothing! The dragon roared again, leaping low to swipe at her and her companions. As the huge shape of its body swung over her, the tips of its claws barely scraping her armor, she thrust her sword up into its soft, bloodied belly.

The creature screamed and crashed to the ground, blue arcane fire engulfing it, leaving it petrified into a stone statue. Around the marketplace, townsfolk peered out of hiding, then swarmed out, cheering the charismatic stranger who had joined them for the fight. The supposed Lost Heir smiled and handed Naya a bag of treasure before being swept into the happy embrace of the crowd.


Neverwinter News

Following the dragon attack of last week, support for the “Lost Heir” has surged in Neverwinter. This politically divisive figure has attracted the attention of the Sons of Alogondar as well as some less savory groups in our fair city. We were unable to get an interview with the Heir, but a spokesperson from the Sons has said that while they are not certain of the Heir’s lineage, the Heir’s crown looks authentic and that there is no question that the Heir prevented major damage to the city.

Other groups, including our own Lord Neverember, have been less enthusiastic about the Heir’s appearance. General Sabine had this to say: “We thank this ‘Heir’ and his companions, whoever they may be, for their assistance in dealing with the dragon. We do, however ask this person to step forward and reveal their true identity and intentions. Neverwinter is no place for vigilantes.”

Fights about this Heir have been reported throughout Neverwinter as partisans of Neverwinter’s former ruling family have squared off against those supporting Lord Neverember. In some cases, serious injuries have occurred and property has been damaged.
(continued on page 7)

The Dwarven lords bravely fought the young spellscared dragon holding it in place hacking scales of its hide.One by one a dwarf found his mark and the dragon bleed and retaliated with fire claws and pure hatred for the true beast that fell upon him.Holding the dragon in place the dwarves began to fall and the heir of Neverwinter watched in horror, too defeated by his own fear to strike the dragon he sat and watched with widened eyes and shaky hands barely able to hold his own sword. The dragon came upon the heir and hit him true with tooth and claw but the crown of Neverwinter protected the heir since he could not do so himself.Finally as Bruntor Ironfoe dropped his axe and landed on the street the heir lost all reserve and fled the battle leaving one brave Dwarf left standing to defend his people and the people of Neverwinter. The lone dwarf took aim and his shot caught the dragon in a vulnerable spot and the foul creature roared in pain and staggered but did not fall. Looking back the cowardly heir saw the dragon weaken and pulled out his first and only attack and struck the creature with a spell from his crown, not trusting his own skill the magic released from the crown did the job for this heir again and froze the dragon in his place. The crowd rejoiced and praised the heir of Neverwinter and the weak worshiped the weak while the strong watched and knew they had been cheated their glory.

Excerpt from the posthumous journal of Effie Ekirts dated 2rd Season, 3rd moon:

Good news journal, I think… no, I’m SURE that I’m totally in love with Dumpin Strongeye!

I mean, so what if he’s a dwarf? He’s strong and cute and he’s a crazy good archer! He always talks about the “great campaigns” he and his big shot son of a king under sword mountain buddy Alerik won.




But hold on, we have a problem: Gill and the boys. Apparently Urien introduced him to Gill not long after they arrived and Dumpin’s been attending they’re nightly “congregations.”

No need to recount the previosuly mentioned exploits of those spoiled brats here; suffice is to say if Dumpin is gonna be my man, he’s gotta dump those maniacs. I heard Oro was responsible for the fire last moon but no one is going to prosecute him because of who his father is… it’s bullshit. Gill and his “followers” will just escalate things to the next level now that they know they are untouchable.

I swear, Waterdeep could do without them.


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