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Encounter 3: Bar Room Brawlers

Our heroes took a short ten day vacation after battling against the dragon, meeting with each other in a tavern called the Beached Leviathan. They revealed bits of information they had heard while wandering the town and some simply changed the subject when asked about their vacation. Some even started a rousing tune from the band to keep spirits high. The bar is owned and run by the former captain of the ship, Harrag. An honest to god pirate, he even has the obligatory peg-leg and would boastfully tell of his adventures on the high seas. A genasi was also present that evening eating her meal, sipping her wine, and going over some accounting information for the kingdom. While cordial with the intruding heroes, she didn’t seem to care either way for their company.

Unfortunately, there were many patrons in the bar that night who supported the Lost Heir (as he has come to be called) vigorously and the spirits only emboldened their sense of honor. Harrag, being a supporter of Neverember, knew trouble would brew when he saw Sabine enter his bar. When Sabine informed the heroes of Neverember’s summons and the drunks overheard the heroes’ willingness to meet, they quickly assumed that they were supporters of the Lord Protector and attacked! Thinking they would best our heroes while inebriated, they stumbled over to the heroes and began a couple of very entertaining minutes as our heroes quickly dispatched their foes. After dealing with the… “threat”… our heroes went with Sabine to Castle Never and the Lord Protector within.

Rewards: 150 XP

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Beached Leviathan. Recruitment Efforts -1. I was in the Beached Leviathan explaining to the local patrons that cities are built on sewers. And who should we pay our devotions to maintain our city—the Lord of the Sewers, the Horned One. Those of us above need to look below for direction. I try to convert the sloshed as they are usually more generous in their contributions. But these patrons were not giving me the respect due to a representative of the Lord of the Sewers.
Then, there is this talk of the lost Air. He appears in armor but we all know he is out of shape and gasping for air. Why else would they call him the “Lost Air?”
Suddenly, those who I would have converted became enraged about this Lost Air. It is one thing to reject the Horned One, but to rise up and assault us recent arrivals who are only looking for our proper way. Enough!
My comrades and I battled back the nonbelievers in such fashion as to make all those who witnessed our brawl think twice about attacking strangers in this land. I myself, removed the final drunken local from the bar. I charged through the melee, picked up the form of a drunken nonbeliever, tossed her into position and with my foot I kicked her drunken form out the window. Next time I ask for donations, she’ll be quick about giving some coin.

Encounter 3: Bar Room Brawlers

What happened to my bar?

I’m a simple barkeep, now; my years on the high seas were full of adventure and no small bit of larceny. But now I’m an honest man, loyal to Lord Neverember, but respectful of all my patrons.

So what did I do to deserve these so-called “adventurers” coming in, burning down my bar, and slaying three of my loyal customers? Leisle, my barmaid, hasn’t said a coherent word since— just keeps whispering “her eyes…. so cold… her eyes!”

I swear, if they’re ever in here again, I’ll beat them on the head with my own peg leg!

Encounter 3: Bar Room Brawlers
I could not find any answers here in Neverwinter concerning my origins so I journeyed back to the Iron Hall to seek guidance from my uncle the king. He assured me that my answers are hidden well in the city of Neverwinter and that it might only take a mind more accustomed to searching to discover the answers I seek. So the great dwarven king sent me back to Neverwinter with the lore master of Iron Hall, a young dwarven girl with her nose always in the books of the great libraries under the mountains. This dwarven miss is very attractive but shy I thought as I traveled with her back to Neverwinter. Shy as she was we still made pleasant conversation and she informed me that she was a student of the arcane. Seeking knowledge and solving puzzles seemed to be a favorite pass-time for this young lady. This young lady began to enchant me with her words every night or maybe it was the ale, either way she became aware and told me that she will have none of it that her lust for knowledge greatly outweighed that of flesh but that I was kind and handsome which seemed to be enough to calm my advances even under the influences of good dwarven ale. We arrived at the city the day I was to meet the rest of the dwarven hero’s of Neverwinter as we were beginning to have bards call us and tale our version of the encounter with the dragon. Awe! the tavern we meet again. It’s where I started this blasted quest for answers to my origin and it has become a second home. Becoming piss drunk seems to be the only way to cope with the simpleminded idiots of Neverwinter. These fools would quickly follow cowardly leaders to see a quick end to what? Do theses people need that much hope that they choose to cling to it wherever they might find it? once inside we sit at a table with the rest of my companions and we all tell of what news we have gathered well away from each other. None of us had anything valuable to share to each other so we started to drink like I have come accustomed to doing when bored in this city. Myself and the Gardner became very drunk while the friend with the bow did not touch a drink but bought some for the whole bar. Maybe it was the ale speaking but did so as well. I dont remember much else after that but I know we got into a brawl with the locals when a representative of Neverember came to us asking us to see her lord. The drunken buffoons attacked us when we went with her clearly upset about us wearing the badges we received from this “lost heir” that we would betray him in such a fashion. I did not care a good brawl was just the thing I was looking for so I welcomed it. We acted a fool during the fight taking blows and giving them without a care.We performed silly moves to entertain each other. During the fight I took a seat on a chair after missing an opponent as to mock him and before I knew it I was on my ass due to one of my companions. One of the dwarves swept the chair i was siting on from under me to slap a local with it. As I hit the floor I saw that the saw exploded on contact and began to laugh uncontrollably thinking I warmed it up for him. Still pissed drunk but victorious from this brawl which saw no blood shed we went to talk to this lord Neverember.
Encounter 3: Bar Room Brawlers

Excerpt from the posthumous journal of Hugo Andore dated 1rst Season, 11th moon:

It was a mistake letting them live, even if they were just children. At the time I thought that to risk blood again, which, with fire, is what summons him, was asking too much. Had I not seen enough already? Spilled enough by my own hands? Now I think perhaps it was not entirely my choice… that I am once again used…

A couple of them must have been of nobility. There can be no other explanation for the sudden appearance of the guards. To think if they would have caught me… It’s not breaking to torture I’m afraid of, my existence is itself torture now, but their magic. Enchantments to make the tongue slip; to reveal that which must die with me here.

I first saw them weeks ago, rebellious youths from Waterdeep who’d obviously heard the myths and rumors of our master’s hidden shrine and the power it could “bestow.” I’d run adventurous youths off from these parts before, or simply slayed them if they encroached too near, but that was in another life it seems… In any case, the very next weeks end they had returned. This time they were almost upon the entrance itself before I could stop them!

I knew I should had killed them… but I did not.

Yesterday, I was awakened by the sounds of men and dogs searching the forest. Barely, I managed to slip by the Waterdeep guards search groups and into the shrine itself.

I’ve locked myself inside the shrine and over the course of the past day sealed the entrance as best I can from this side. I can hear the guards on the other, they have found the entrance and begun to force their way in… but these ancient tunnels run deep and I know many hiding places. Soon, I shall starve or die of thirst; a fitting end for one who killed his own friends. With my death, so too shall his last vessel and all knowledge of how to commune with the devil be removed from this plane.

I have won Asmodeus, I have beaten you!

Encounter 3: Bar Room Brawlers

But her eyes were just so pretty how could I resist

Encounter 3: Bar Room Brawlers

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