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Encounter 4: Attack on the Wall

The heroes were brisked away by General Sabine and handed over to some guards to be taken to see the Lord Protector himself. After a few minutes discussion among themselves and some access to high quality liquor, Neverember himself invited them into his main hall to discuss matters of import. He asked for the heroes’ assistance in contacting the Lost Heir and in uncovering his true identity. As a bit of enticement he gave each hero a hundred gold up front with promises of another 400 after the information was uncovered. He seemed sincere in his pleas and seemed to only want peace and success for the city he has worked so hard to reorganize.The heroes (mostly) agreed and followed his advice on seeing the Wall – the massive structure built around the chasm caused 27 years ago by the eruption of Mount Hotenow that allowed plaguechanged creatures to destroy the once thriving city.

They arrived on the scene at dusk to see that where several guards should have been awake and on duty, they instead saw several bandits burying bodies and preparing to let loose a horde of creatures into the Blacklake District. After defending the gate and defeating the bandits, Seldra appeared from the direction of the castle and imparted certain information to the characters. While a loyal supporter of the Lost Heir, she beseeches the heroes to keep her alliances secret until they can investigate the bandit attack and see for themselves how honorable and trustworthy the Lost Heir truly is.


I was working in the library, researching the Lineage of Neverwinter when I received a summons from Lord Neverember. Arriving at his hall, I was amused to find a group of adventurers. Rarely do adventurers desire scholarly information, but I rationalized that they probably were pursuing this “Heir” and needed some information.

Lord Neverember surprised me by instead suggesting that I acocmpany them on their quest. He wanted to ensure that a scholar of my considerable talents was along to properly interpret any information acquired and he was willing to pay handsomely for my time away from my studies. Nobody passes up the gold he was offering, and studies don’t bring in income by themselves, besides, this isn’t likely to be dangerous…

We were advised to go to the town wall to learn what threats faced the city. As if any fool doesn’t know that the plaguechanged are the biggest threat, even managing to infiltrate the city recently. Nonetheless, we went and arrive just in time to catch a group of bandits hiding bodies of the guard stationed there and preparing to open the gates. My insight kicked in and I realized that the timing of this was suspicously coincidental to our arrival, but we had more things of import at the time because the bandits turned to attack us.

The thought that they wouldn’t attack a scholar briefly ran through my mind, right up until the first one hit me, dizzying me for a time. I had no combat experience until this time, after all, what scholar drops into the dirt to fight when he can spend time pursuing more useful endeavors? Reflexively, I called out to invoke Pelor’s radiance to repel this attacker and he fell back. This was one of my earliest trained invocations and I was pleased to know that the gods were listening. Attack a scholar of the gods, will they? Let the wrath of the gods fall on them!

The combat quickly devolved into a swirling chaotic mess, but that is no impetus to the gods, nor to one who wields divine power in their name. Pelor loaned me sunlight and radiance and Kord loaned me lightning and quickly the bandits fell before the might of the gods and the steel of the adventurers. Godless heathens such as these deserve only the embrace of the Raven Queen, but we did deprive her of one to gain more information.

At this point Seldra, one of Lord Neverember’s employees arrived. The coincidence of events struck me as her arrival was conveniently timed to the defeat of the brigands. It turns out that she was somewhat involved. Lord Neverember may be interested in this intrigue in his courts, but he’ll have to learn of it elsewhere. I’m only interested in pursuing the Heir to complete my research. This adventuring is heady stuff…

Encounter 4: Attack on the Wall

Excerpt from party instructions by Alerik Vorpal Buttermilk Ironfoe dated 1rst Season, 2nd moon:


Obtain in short order and with great haste the following for my best friend and sworn brother for life, you dullards!

100x Steamed Mushroom (assorted variety), 300x Roast Oxen, 50x Sautaed Ducks, 450x Stewed Chicken, 2,500x Cheeses (assorted variety), 10,000x Cases Fine Ale!

Again, this is for our brother Dumpin for whose party there shall be no equal! He leaves my side not of his fault, for Ogma knows he’d serve me a thousand times better than the fat shits that will sit on the House council beside me in my “glorius” new position…

Alas, Dumpin cannot follow where I go. If only House Strongeye sat slightly higher among the dwarven nobles standings.

If only such things did not matter?

What am I prattling on about though? Now, once you’ve secured the foods, gather the following without delay!

12x Musicians, 36x Acrobats, 12x Banners, 24x Trained Animals, 48x Weather Balloons, 120x Fireworks, 360x Wenches!

Curse my duties as eldest prince and heir to the you know what! What I’d give to be back on those mountains with our army at our backs and those foolish giants bearing down upon us! Oh Dumpin, launch that arrow shaped and mecahnically bow like rifle and fell them all!!

Egads, I again seem to lose myself! No matter servants, follow the instructional portions of this letter immediately and without fail! Lest our brother Dumpin, chipped shoulder as he is, fall into a despair now that he and I must part ways…

There’s an idea! After the fellow returns from his sojourn in Waterdeep, perhaps I’ll see if he’d care to accompany my little brother Bruntor. The gifted lad could use a seasoned guide for what lies ahead of him…

Now quit reading this and get to work!

Encounter 4: Attack on the Wall

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