Lost Crown at Avatar

Encounter 5: Bridge over Troubled Waters

Plaguechanged grunts and wretches attack as the party crosses the bridge into the Blacklake District.

Rewards: 150 XP plus 20 gp, a random magic item


“Private, bring me a mug of ale and be quick about it!”

“Yes, Seargent”

“Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I was on duty with the private here guarding the Winged Wyvern bridge. It was a regular day, not too many of them gods-awful plaguechanged tried it that time. They don’t learn too well not to mess with Mintarn Mercs, not one of them made it past our post, isn’t that right, Private?”

“Yes, Seargent”

“So these people get off of their fancy coach, like they was coming from a ball, and they swaggers up like they own the place, all set on crossing the bridge. How many of them were there, Private?”

“Five Seargent”

“Well I knows my orders, so I tell them they ain’t gonna cross and they pull out this badge they claim is from Lord Neverember. Sure looked real, didn’t it, Private?”

“Yes, Seargent”

“So I figure that if they wanna get dead, it’s none of mine, so I let ‘em pass, but that wasn’t enough for them, was it, Private?”

“No, Seargent”

“They wants us to follow ‘em. Look, if they’s tough enough to go to Blacklake, then they’s tough enough not to have us hold their hands, right? Lord Neverember pays the bills, so we do what he says, but the pansies that he hires … wantin’ us to go with ‘em … he should just have my squad go in and clean out Blacklake, ain’t that right, Private?”

“Yes, Seargent”

“See, lissen to the Private here, he knows what’s up! More ale, Private!”

“Yes, Seargent”

“So we see ‘em corss the bridge and then see some of them plaguechanged attack ’em. It looked like a pretty good fight, so the private and I cheered ’em on from our posts. We knows that we’re supposed to guard the post and the other end of the bridge certainly ain’t our post! They did pretty good for a bunch of pansies, not up to the standards of Mintarn, but then again, who is, right Private?”

“Yes, Seargent”


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