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Encounter 6: Another Bar Fight?!?

The party arrived at the House of a Thousand Faces, a tavern with many mirrors and mannequins positioned around the walls. There, they encountered Charl, a halfing with contacts to the Dead Rat gang but not a Dead Rat himself and a strong supporter of the Lost Heir. Charl and the party exchanged words before a fight broke out. At first, the fight was not lethal, but it had the potential to turn deadly at any moment.

Rewards: 200 XP, 25 gp each, and 2 magic items to split amongst the party.


Oh, that Charl…

Encounter 6: Another Bar Fight?!?

“Hey, Toram, Charl’s at it again.”

“Who is it this time, Theryis?”

“Those people asking about the Dead Rats, came in a few minutes ago”

“I’d better head him off then otherwise we’ll have to clean up again. Why do we let Charl drink here again?”

“He pays us.”

“Why else? WOW!”


“They knocked him out! He’s out cold, no wait, they’re questioning him. I’d better save him, and buy them a round.”

“Good Idea, Toram.”

Encounter 6: Another Bar Fight?!?

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