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Preview: The Gates of Neverdeath

The party has been hired on to guard Seldra and a mysterious box she carries as she travels to Neverwinter. We all have our own reasons for going to the city anyway, and going with the promise of 300 gold isn’t a bad start.

As the party is docking in Neverwinter, the boat gets mobbed by zombies and a Red Wizard from Thay arrives and steals the box Seldra was carrying, knocking her unconscious. Seldra is furious and demands we go retrieve it, or we won’t get paid the rest of our fee.

We take a short rest, then charge off through the streets of Neverwinter after the Red Wizard. We eventually catch up to him in a graveyard and fight him and some more zombies. What we recover is a glowing crown— possibly the Lost Crown of Neverwinter. It’s said that the crown can only be worn by the True Heir of Neverwinter (Lord Neverember, who currently rules Neverwinter, took over following Neverwinter’s recent collapse).

Rewards: 300 xp, 300 gp, some healing potions.


After Bruntor left, the Harper’s have kept me in Neverwinter, my contact was local Harper agent named Cymril and I had lent my services to the Sons of Alagondar. Cymril, in addition to being one of the few Harpers in the city, was the leader of the Sons of Alagondar. This underground resistance movement opposes the imperialistic aims of Dagult Neverember, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, who has established himself as “Protector” of Neverwinter during its reconstruction. The Harpers believe that Neverember’s intentions are less than noble and that he seeks to expand his mercantile empire for his own gain at the expense of the people. They are sure that, with his ruthless methods and suspect alliances, Neverember plans to usurp the throne of Neverwinter and build a cutthroat empire on the Sword Coast.

I have learned the hard way that Neverember’s treachery runs deeper than even the Harpers know. I was included among a band of rebels on a nighttime reconnaissance mission led by Cymril. All of a sudden, my world turned inside out when a squad of Neverember’s mercenaries ambushed our group. I avoided the initial assault by ducking into an alcove — where I watched as Cymril began cutting down my comrades! Clearly, she was working in league with the soldiers. One of Cymril’s lieutenants turned on her and wounded her fatally just before he himself was cut down by the mercenaries.

When the mercenaries moved on, they left the bodies of their victims in the street as a warning to other dissidents. Before I left the area, I had the foresight to pluck Cymril’s Harper pin from her vest, lest in fall into the wrong hands.

I know both the Sons of Alagondar and the Harpers got wind of what happened, they immediately must suspect that someone in the ambushed group was working for the other side. As the newcomer, I bear the brunt of the suspicion of both groups. The city’s rebel forces have fractured since Cymril’s death into disorganized and ineffective war bands. Discovering which of the few Harper associates in Neverwinter I can trust is important to me. However, if I have to work alone to get the job done, that’s what I’ll do. My main goal is the ascertain the truth about Cymril, and in the process of doing that, I seek any means I can to twart Neverember’s true plans for the city.

As a rogue agent, I work without official Harper support, and I must use my own methods and make my own decisions regarding whom to trust. I have sent for my lord and long-time friend Bruntor Ironfoe for he is the only one I can truly trust. Each new day is an exciting and dangerous game of masks — guessing who speaks the truth, who offers me lies in hope of securing an advantage, and who is the true enemy in any given situation.

Preview: The Gates of Neverdeath

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