Helt Royalwarden

Helt is undiplomatic, cold and extremely gruff. His grandfather was a great hero along the Sword Coast, and his family has served House Ironfoe for a long time.


Helt delights in battle, although he does not tolerate treachery or deceit, and he expects his companions to do the same. His lord, Bruntor Ironfoe, bade him seek out adventure so that he could vie for glory and a name in history.

After having a tangle some time ago with the Harpers, they offered Helt a deal — help them bring freedom to the city of Neverwinter, and they’d let him off the hook for what was surely a “minor offense.” Helt stuck his neck out and played their game, but the city is still under seige. The Harpers kept their word with him, though, and they helped Helt back on his feet and even gave him some training.

He traveled to the Jewel of the North, where he sought out adventurers in one of the many tavern’s in Waterdeep. Upon being paid to guard the lady Seldra, he ends up back in Neverwinter and tangles with Red Wizards and their undead. He still waits for word of Bruntor’s arrival and stays outside the city, gathering information and sharpening his axes.

Helt Royalwarden

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