Lazenna Lumbergh Thann

A short, lazy girl who's kind of bossy


Lazy warlord with passive buffs. Boosts the party’s initiative, grants bonuses when using an action point, and stays just out of reach of enemies so she can use healing on her allies. Powers do not rely on her ability to hit.


Lazenna is a somewhat distracted girl with a bossy tone of voice. She’s somewhat pragmatic, and doesn’t seem too terribly interested in what’s going on around her.

She has some arcane training, but claims she gave it up when she realized that magic is hard, and it’s easier to just get other people to cast spells for her.

She carries a large polearm weapon, however, which she uses to poke her enemies and provoke her allies to action.

She’s in her mid-twenties, short, and blonde.

Lazenna Lumbergh Thann

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