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Encounter 8: RATS! (in the sewers!)

Having found a hidden grate into the sewers, the party tracked down through the filth and refuse of the City of Neverwinter, seeking clues to the Dead Rats and the Lost Heir. They are finally beset by swarms of vicious, disease-ridden rats, which bite and infect the heroes with vile diseases.

Rewards: 300 XP each

Encounter 7: Swamp Stuff Fight
Just hanging around

The party spent some time getting pulled around in the swamp. Nothing at the boathouse. Saw some lovely sights and spent time just hanging around.

Encounter 6: Another Bar Fight?!?

The party arrived at the House of a Thousand Faces, a tavern with many mirrors and mannequins positioned around the walls. There, they encountered Charl, a halfing with contacts to the Dead Rat gang but not a Dead Rat himself and a strong supporter of the Lost Heir. Charl and the party exchanged words before a fight broke out. At first, the fight was not lethal, but it had the potential to turn deadly at any moment.

Rewards: 200 XP, 25 gp each, and 2 magic items to split amongst the party.

Encounter 5: Bridge over Troubled Waters

Plaguechanged grunts and wretches attack as the party crosses the bridge into the Blacklake District.

Rewards: 150 XP plus 20 gp, a random magic item

Encounter 4: Attack on the Wall

The heroes were brisked away by General Sabine and handed over to some guards to be taken to see the Lord Protector himself. After a few minutes discussion among themselves and some access to high quality liquor, Neverember himself invited them into his main hall to discuss matters of import. He asked for the heroes’ assistance in contacting the Lost Heir and in uncovering his true identity. As a bit of enticement he gave each hero a hundred gold up front with promises of another 400 after the information was uncovered. He seemed sincere in his pleas and seemed to only want peace and success for the city he has worked so hard to reorganize.The heroes (mostly) agreed and followed his advice on seeing the Wall – the massive structure built around the chasm caused 27 years ago by the eruption of Mount Hotenow that allowed plaguechanged creatures to destroy the once thriving city.

They arrived on the scene at dusk to see that where several guards should have been awake and on duty, they instead saw several bandits burying bodies and preparing to let loose a horde of creatures into the Blacklake District. After defending the gate and defeating the bandits, Seldra appeared from the direction of the castle and imparted certain information to the characters. While a loyal supporter of the Lost Heir, she beseeches the heroes to keep her alliances secret until they can investigate the bandit attack and see for themselves how honorable and trustworthy the Lost Heir truly is.

Encounter 3: Bar Room Brawlers

Our heroes took a short ten day vacation after battling against the dragon, meeting with each other in a tavern called the Beached Leviathan. They revealed bits of information they had heard while wandering the town and some simply changed the subject when asked about their vacation. Some even started a rousing tune from the band to keep spirits high. The bar is owned and run by the former captain of the ship, Harrag. An honest to god pirate, he even has the obligatory peg-leg and would boastfully tell of his adventures on the high seas. A genasi was also present that evening eating her meal, sipping her wine, and going over some accounting information for the kingdom. While cordial with the intruding heroes, she didn’t seem to care either way for their company.

Unfortunately, there were many patrons in the bar that night who supported the Lost Heir (as he has come to be called) vigorously and the spirits only emboldened their sense of honor. Harrag, being a supporter of Neverember, knew trouble would brew when he saw Sabine enter his bar. When Sabine informed the heroes of Neverember’s summons and the drunks overheard the heroes’ willingness to meet, they quickly assumed that they were supporters of the Lord Protector and attacked! Thinking they would best our heroes while inebriated, they stumbled over to the heroes and began a couple of very entertaining minutes as our heroes quickly dispatched their foes. After dealing with the… “threat”… our heroes went with Sabine to Castle Never and the Lord Protector within.

Rewards: 150 XP

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Encounter 2: D-d-d-d-d-d-DRAGON!!!!!

The heroes bravely faced a young white dragon with blue arcane spellscars traversing its body. The plaguechanged beast was formidable, and not all the heroes were victorious. The mysterious Lost Heir generously allowed the party to help him defeat the rampaging monster and gave them all amethyst badges of honor in thanks.

Rewards: 200 XP and an amethyst badge (value: 50 gp or a healing potion).

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Encounter 1: Maniacs in the Marketplace

The PCs are shopping at the Neverwinter marketplace when creatures from the sewers below stage an attack!

Rewards: 150 XP

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Preview: The Gates of Neverdeath

The party has been hired on to guard Seldra and a mysterious box she carries as she travels to Neverwinter. We all have our own reasons for going to the city anyway, and going with the promise of 300 gold isn’t a bad start.

As the party is docking in Neverwinter, the boat gets mobbed by zombies and a Red Wizard from Thay arrives and steals the box Seldra was carrying, knocking her unconscious. Seldra is furious and demands we go retrieve it, or we won’t get paid the rest of our fee.

We take a short rest, then charge off through the streets of Neverwinter after the Red Wizard. We eventually catch up to him in a graveyard and fight him and some more zombies. What we recover is a glowing crown— possibly the Lost Crown of Neverwinter. It’s said that the crown can only be worn by the True Heir of Neverwinter (Lord Neverember, who currently rules Neverwinter, took over following Neverwinter’s recent collapse).

Rewards: 300 xp, 300 gp, some healing potions.


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