Character Creation Rules

First level PCs, with 22 points for ability scores and 100 gp of starting treasure. Starting equipment may not include magical items, including consumables. Starting equipment may include rituals.

Avatar House Rule: Any non-setting-specific option from Wizards of the Coast is available if you plan to play only at Avatar.

Examples: is not a WotC source. Forgotten Realms regional backgrounds (ex: “Akanul”) are setting-specific. Dragonmarks are setting-specific. Dark Sun themes are setting specific. Exception: All options and rules in the Neverwinter Campaign Guide, Heroes of the Forgotten Lands, and Heroes of the Fallen Kingdoms books are allowed.

If you plan to take your character to another location to play, limit yourself to the official sources for this season of Encounters: Neverwinter Campaign Guide, Heroes of the Forgotten Lands, Heroes of the Fallen Kingdoms, and Dragon articles specifically supporting those books.

Theme: You may pick a Neverwinter Theme for your character. The themes that were available at Game Day are posted here. There are also some themes available in Dragon magazine (DDI subscription required).

After you play the first time, if you wish to change your character, including rebuilding or changing the character entirely, please see the Changing Your Character rules.

Character Creation Rules

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