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Welcome to Season 6 of D&D Encounters

Season 6 of D &D Encounters takes us to Neverwinter, where plucky adventurers and hardened mercenaries search for the Lost Crown of Neverwinter. The adventure takes place in Neverwinter, in the Forgotten Realms.

We play Wednesdays from August 10th through November 9, at 5:30 and 7:30 PM at Avatar Comics and Games. Please see the Calendar for dates and times. There are no reserved times, and drop ins are welcome. Most weeks, we will run 2 tables and have a third DM ready to run if necessary (to accommodate 12-18 players each session).

If you would like to DM, please see the Volunteering to DM page here in the wiki. DMs get awesome rewards, both from Avatar Comics and from Wizards of the Coast, so it’s worth it to volunteer.

The adventure is for character levels 1-3. You will start with a brand new level 1 PC, which you can create at home using the Character Creation Rules, create at Neverwinter Game Day on Saturday, August 6th, or play one of the pre-generated PCs we have available at the table.

Fortune Cards are legal for play. You can play with the older cards from Threat to the Nentir Vale, or the new Neverwinter cards. You can use your promo cards. They are all interchangeable and may be put into the same deck. Your built deck must have multiples of 10 cards in it, containing no less than 3 of each type (Attack, Defense, Tactics) in each multiple of 10. Optionally, you may open a sealed booster deck at the table, shuffle, and play it, regardless of the deck composition.

In addition to the House Character Creation Rules, we have a couple of house rules for Renown.

Note to Veteran Players: If you played a character in Season 5 in Dark Legacy of Evard, you can convert that character on Sunday, August 7th to continue playing in the Avatar Comics Sunday games.

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