You earn renown following the Renown guidelines in D&D Encounters:

Complete an encounter 3/session
Bring a new player 2/session
Moment of greatness 2/chapter
Revive a dying adventurer ally 2/chapter
Hit for 15+ damage against 1 enemy 2/chapter
Kill 3 minions in 1 attack 2/chapter
Take 50 enemy damage in 1 session 2/chapter
Create your own character 5/season
Create a character with Character Builder 5/season
Survive 8+ sessions without dying Season 5/season

Renown accompanies your player. If you change characters, your renown stays with you. If you transfer to our store to play (even temporarily), your existing renown comes with you— bring your character tracker, please.

House Rules
If you miss a session and play at Catch Up Day, you may not make up the renown.

Bonus Renown
If you participate in Updating this Site, you earn a little extra renown (1 point each week you participate).

If you are under 15 years old (or playing regularly with the Under 15 team), there is a special category of renown available for you and your table. This category will be written on your renown tracker. It is called “Moment of Mercy.” Once per chapter, at the DM’s discretion, you can earn 3 renown points for showing mercy or moral fortitude and heroism. Protecting the weak, showing mercy to enemies, upholding virtues of kindness and justice are all examples of Moment of Mercy. The DM is the only person who decides if this is awarded, and it is not always awarded. If Moment of Mercy has been awarded for every session in a chapter, the entire Under 15 team gets 2 bonus renown at the end of the chapter.

To comply with RPGA rules, bonus renown is a house rule. Like “no source limit” characters, bonus renown does not transfer to play at other shops.


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