Volunteering to DM

Want to volunteer as a DM? GREAT!

If you DM a session in August, you will get a special reward module from Wizards of the Coast.

You will also get 50 customer loyalty points from Avatar Comics and Games for every session you DM. Those rewards translate into discounts and gift certificates for you!

Finally, Stephanie will reward you with a beverage or other goodies from time to time (think of it as “Craft Services” in the movie industry). If you’re in the mood for a tall iced double shot mocha, just let her know and it will be yours.

With four tables each night and a need for “backup DMs,” we definitely need folks to sit behind the screen. Encounters is a great way to try DMing for the first time as well, and we’re more than happy to have you for one session, three, or all 13. Whatever you want to commit to is great.

If you want to DM and play, plan to come to both sessions, but only volunteer to DM for one. In very rare circumstances, you might be asked to DM anyway (if there’s no backup DM and there are 3 tables of players). But in general, if you’re here for 2 sessions, we’ll try to get you to play for one.

When you volunteer to DM, you get the encounter the week before your encounter. Your copy might be a photocopy, or it might be the original. You might get a pre-printed map, or you might be given a dry-erase map and some dungeon tiles to use on the day of the game. You’ll be given monster tokens if you need them, or feel free to bring or borrow miniatures. If you forgot your dice, Stephanie has some you can borrow.

In essence, if there’s anything you need (index cards, a dry erase board, tokens, rubber bands, etc), just let Stephanie know, and she’ll do what she can to make it happen. Every DM has different tricks they use to make the encounters go smoothly, and nobody will judge you if your method requires five rubber bands and a monkey. But Stephanie will not supply the monkey.

Volunteering to DM

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